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"Every child deserves to be seen.  Having healthy mental health is important for developing children.  Being able to relate to something creates assurance in oneself."

When I first decided to create Jessy's Dolls I had young black girls in mind.  As a mother, I feel as though there is a need for young girls to see more of themselves in a positive depiction.  Through creating these dolls, girls are able to choose from a range of skin complexions, hair textures, and styles; from curly to kinky, to relaxed, these dolls visually showcase young African American girls.  Here at Jessy's Dolls, we are not extras, we are all the star of the show!   Our doll line-up displays diversity.  Though we share differences we are all uniquely created by God.  No one is greater than the other.  Self love is priceless and the greatest gift you can offer a child.  Our hope is that young girls view themselves as worthy, valuable & loved.   

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